New Brunswick

Yesterday we drove through most of New Brunswick. I was impressed with how much wilderness this province has managed to pack into a relatively small area! The rolling Appalachians seemed to go on forever. So many trees!


Our break fluid had started leaking just outside of Fredericton the night before, so we pulled into the nearest campground and made ourselves an appointment at the Fredericton Canadian Tire for the next morning. As luck would have it, the nearest campground was Woolastook Park. Woolastook is a fairly large peninsula in the St. John River, entirely taken up with parkland. I suspect it used to be a provincial park, but it is now privately owned. The grounds are enormous with heavily wooded campsites, but they also offer shuffleboard, mini golf and other refinements of civilization near the check in area.

After getting our breaks fixed, we soldiered on towards Prince Edward Island. I left a copy of “The Giant” in a phone booth in Salisbury, NB. Yes, they still have working phone booths in New Brunswick! It’s been a long time since I’ve seen one of those.


Finally, late yesterday afternoon, we made it to the Atlantic Ocean. I left another copy of “The Giant” at Cape Jourimain, right near the bridge to P.E.I. I have to say, the ocean looked and smelled really good after so much time inland.