Winnipeg, Manitoba

We drove from Regina to Winnipeg on Thursday, and have been recuperating at a relative’s house for a few days. They live in a beautiful neighbourhood near downtown Winnipeg. We have enjoyed a few exploratory walks, but mostly just slept and rested. Winnipeg seems like a vibrant city. Not surprisingly, I honed in on some local bookstores. (In an act of true heroism I did not buy any books to load into our already overloaded van.)

During our drive here I wrote “Botany” looking out the car window. We left a couple of copies on some lampposts here.

We are

Gull Lake, Saskatchewan

Last night we stayed at a small campground in Gull Lake, SK – a town of strangely ornate park benches and well-tended gardens. Gull Lake looks like it was bigger once. There are some interesting looking closed up buildings, but a fair bit of continuing industry as well.

I left a copy of “Offering” on a bench near the library.