Finally, we made it out of Ontario! Don’t get me wrong, Ontario is stunningly beautiful. The rivers and lakes, the vast stretches of untouched forest, all thrill me. But my main impression of Ontario has been of desolate wastes and mosquitoes. I am convinced that we have been chased through this province by a daily growing cloud of voracious mosquitoes. Maybe because Chris is sick and we are both so tired, Ontario has seemed endless. This is pretty much what it has looked like the whole time.

However I promised myself not to post another cloud poem, so I decided


Last night we camped at the gorgeous Aaron Provincial Park just past Dryden, ON. It rained on us most of the time, but there were a few clear moments and one kick-ass rainbow.

I left a copy of “Water Buffalo” by the visitor map.

We stopped in Ignace, ON (pop 1,300 according to the sign) for breakfast. The Wayside truck-stop diner turned out to be a popular place for locals having Sunday breakfast. We chatted with a nice older couple and did our best to convince them to visit Vancouver Island. I left “Perspective” outside the local grocery store.