Medicine Hat, Alberta

We almost breezed through Alberta without leaving any poems! The road is so straight, you whiz through without realizing how far you’ve come. By the time we reached Medicine Hat I recollected myself and managed to leave this on a visitor center hiking map.

We went for a walk through some rolling hills, and by the time we got back my poem was gone! Did someone take it home? I hope so! Did it blow away, or get thrown in the garbage? Quite possibly. I have to accept all those possibilities.

Goodbye B.C.!

We took a break from everything last night and slept in a hotel in Calgary. Chris, my traveling partner, was ill and we pretty much just collapsed in a Holiday Inn. So no poetry happened, but I will leave you with my final view of the rockies: blurry mountains outside a rainy car window!

Today I hope to do some quality guerilla-poetry in Alberta and possibly Saskatchewan! More on that later.