The Next Stop Poetry Project

We tend to see time spent on the bus as dead time, empty time, the blank space between departure and arrival. We zone out, listen to music, read a book, pretend to be anywhere else.

Between June 2012 and February 2013 in Victoria, B.C., I set out to change that habit, both in myself and my fellow commuters. During that time, the half hour I spent on the bus every morning was not simply a commute, but a chance to commune. Every day that I rode the bus, I either wrote a poem, or distributed a poem that had been written on the same bus. I posted many of my bus poems on the Next Stop Poetry blog, as well as distributing them on Victoria public transit as small poem cards.

My chapbook based on the project, Public Transit, is the Canadian winner of Leaf Press‘ 2015 Overleaf Chapbook Competition. This new incarnation of the Next Stop Poetry project will be published by Leaf Press in 2016.

Please check out the Next Stop Poetry blog for more information and an archive of bus poetry.