The Cross-Country Poetry Swap

The Cross-Country Poetry Swap documents my 2014 trip from Victoria, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia. As my partner and I drove across the country, I left poetry on the way: at rest stops, campgrounds, and cafes. I was curious to see who would pick up my offerings, and who (if anyone) would take the time to respond. As the trip unfolded, and my partner became very ill halfway across this enormous country of ours, I found that my poetry project became a lifeline. Without the poems that follow, I don’t know if I would have made it to Halifax

New Brunswick

Yesterday we drove through most of New Brunswick. I was impressed with how much wilderness this province has managed to pack into a relatively small area! The rolling Appalachians seemed to go on forever. So many trees!

Our break fluid had started leaking just outside of Fredericton the night before, so we pulled into the nearest campground and made ourselves an appointment at the Fredericton Canadian Tire for the next morning. As luck would have it, the nearest campground was Woolastook Park. Woolastook is a fairly large peninsula in the St. John River, entirely taken up with parkland. I suspect